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For extensive information on care and cleaning stone surfaces we have made available the "Care and Cleaning for Natural Stone Surfaces" brochure courtesy of the Marble Institute of America.

Care and Maintenance

The following information is intended instruction for polished granite surfaces.

Routine Care

It is recommended that you clean your granite countertops with either mild soap and water (Palmolive, Ivory, etc.) or a cleaner specifically made for stone surfaces. However, you may use a Windex/Glass Plus type of product as well ONLY IF THE GRANITE IS PURCHASED BY Southwest Marble and Granite Works. We do not recommend cleaning granite countertops with a glass cleaner to granite owners who did not purchase their counters from us. In fact, we advise against it. It has been suggested that certain sealers react with certain types of cleaners and thus cause the chemical make-up of the stone to change (cloud up, flake, etc.). We know that the sealer we use DOES NOT react this way with these types of cleaners. Therefore, I would not tell your friends/neighbors that had their granite installed by others that it is okay to clean with a glass cleaner.


A complimentary bottle of stone cleaner will be given to purchasers of counter tops from Southwest Marble & Granite Works.
Stone cleaners, polishes and sealers are available for purchase in our showroom.


Polished granite will be sealed prior to installation. Once sealed, you should not have to ever re-seal. If marble, travertine, limestone, onyx, slate or honed granite is used, we advise re-sealing every 1-3 years, depending on use and porosity of stone.


While Granite is highly stain resistant, substances such as oils, grease, and products that contain these substances can stain or darken your granite if not wiped up in a timely manner. Wiping spills quickly will prevent potential stains from setting.

Please avoid Plumber's Putty, as it will permanently stain granite.

Natural stones other than granite have a much higher chance of staining. Please use the utmost care and wipe spills immediately.

Scratching & Chipping

Under normal use Granite should not scratch or chip. It is safe to occasionally cut and slice on your countertops. However, we recommend using a cutting board to keep from dulling your cutlery. Dragging very heavy objects, such as a tool box with dirt, grit or sand on its bottom may cause the granite to scratch.

If chipping occurs, it is normally on a straight polished or beveled edge. These types of edges chip more easily and are not highly recommended by Southwest Marble & Granite Works. If you receive a chip on your counter top edge or at your undermount sink edge, we will, under our 10 Year Limited Warranty, repair your countertop. However, excessive chipping is not covered.

Heat Resistance

Pots and Pans taken directly from your oven or stove top can be placed directly onto your granite countertops. Burning or marring will not occur. Natural stones other than granite are not heat resistant.

Marble, Travertine, Onyx and Limestone are highly porous materials that will stain, scratch, etch, chip and crack if not taken care of properly. Even properly taken care of, these instances can, and probably will, occur. This is why these materials are not recommended for kitchens and are better suited for vanities, tub decks and fireplaces.

While Slate and Soapstone are fairly stain resistant, they scratch very easily.

Additional detailed information on "Care and Cleaning Natural Stone Surfaces" is available for download.

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