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Marble Institute of AmericaDecember 18, 2002

Mr. Bob Stasswender
Southwest Marble and Granite Works
13240 Pond Springs Rd.
Austin, Texas 78729

Dear Bob:

Thank you for your leadership and all the contributions you made to MIA and the industry during the past several years and, in particular, this past year--my first year.

As association presidents come and go, the staff always reflects upon the contributions that a president makes to MIA and to the industry. Your contributions were many! When one looks back on Bob Stasswender's term in office, we will always be reminded that you really made a difference as it relates to MIA's transition to a full time, professional staff, setting up a permanent office, and to a new look and feel for MIA. Although you gave credit to others, it was always your leadership and guidance that caused the whole transition to happen smoothly. Your guidance in this arena was certainly laudable and will be remembered for many years to come.

Communications with members also improved dramatically this year. A regular monthly newsletter with front-page, interesting columns by you has been well received by members. Your openness to members who called or wrote to you signaled integrity and honesty that members appreciate. Surveying members to get their feedback on new services or programs also sends the right kind of message that MIA cares what its members think.

There are many other things that you contributed to MIA and the industry in addition to those mentioned above. Regular communication with, and meetings of, the Executive Committee allowed projects and programs to move forward between Board meetings is but one example. In fact, the list of accomplishments that I presented to the membership at the Annual Meeting in Baltimore was really testimony of you leadership and support. The list was, in a sense, a surprise to us when we pulled all of the accomplishments together in one place. As you review that list you can see Bob Stasswender's fingerprints on many of those activities.

I also appreciate all of the support and encouragement that you gave to the staff during the past year, and Helen, Jesa, and I will not forget it (or the snow you liked to bring with you.)

Again, thank you for your leadership, your commitment to MIA and the industry. Please rest assured that your year as President "did make a difference" to MIA and to the industry. Helenand I will always value your friendship with you and Bobbie.


Garis F. Distelhorst

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