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Granite is an igneous rock, which means it was once molten and formed as it cooled deep within the earth. Minerals within granite typically appear as small flecks throughout the stone, once creating a "salt and pepper" look. Other types have veining similar to marble. Granite is a dense-grained, hard stone. Granite can be highly polished or finished in a variety of other ways. A broad spectrum of color is available.

Available in a striking array of colors, granite's durability and longevity make it ideal for kitchen countertops and other heavily used surfaces, including table tops and floors.

Most common uses for Granite
Interior and exterior wall cladding, interior and exterior paving, residential & commercial counter tops, monuments, curbing, statuary, balance tables, and novelty items.

Granite Facts

  • Granite is nearly impossible to scratch. In most cases you will dull your knives before you scratch your counter top.
  • Granite accepts hot pots and pans right from your oven/burner without a trace of scorching.
  • Once sealed, granite will not stain under normal everyday use, if ever.
  • Granite does not harbor bacteria.
  • The granite surface is not affected by citric acid, coffee, tea, alcohol, wine, etc.
  • Generally granite lasts forever
Since all granites are made by nature, no two are the same. All slabs should be reviewed and approved for each project. Southwest Marble and Granite guarantees that the granite used for your counter tops will all come from the same bundle, assuring that all surfaces will match in color and pattern.

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