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natural stone


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Material Information

As is the case with any natural material, there will be variations in color and markings in each individual natural stone. These variations should not be regarded as defects. They are characteristics of natural stone that give the material its natural beauty and uniqueness. We encourage you to take the opportunity to hand select the slabs to be used for your project, whether they are from our own yard or from one of our suppliers. We will provide samples in order to assist you with your selection. Please note these samples are of a general representation of the overall color and markings of each product and are not meant as an exact replication of the actual project.

With natural stone, any or all of the following of the natural characteristics may be present:

  • Areas, especially in travertine or marble, that may have been filled with a matching color epoxy that may compromise the integrity of strength of the material.
  • Variations in veining, color and movement that may be present in any natural material. Materials that have a lot of heavy veining or movement will exhibit more of these types of natural occurrences.
  • Fissures: small, visible lines on the surface of the slab which rarely indicate or affect the structural integrity of the project. Fissures sometimes are confused with cracks. Cracks often go throughout the stone and will compromise the strength of the stone. Fissures are surface marks only and will not affect the stone in any way.
  • Beauty Marks (horses): natural mineral deposit concentrations that can be seen as intensified spots or lines of color, lack of color, or areas with compromised polishing ability.
  • Pitting: "pock marks" of varying size on the surface of a slab which are a result of the tightness of the material grain and the material's ability to accept a polished finish. These "pits" are a natural occurrence and will not affect the stone in any way, and will not grow or expand.

The presence of any of these characteristics adds to the uniqueness of your material, and in the majority of cases does not compromise the durability of the product. Southwest Marble & Granite Works reserves the right to refuse any stone slabs that are selected by you and shipped to our yard by one of our suppliers if they do not meet out high quality standards, including shipments including heavy pitting or markings, faded coloration, or excessive cracking or fill. We are committed to using only the highest quality products in your home.

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